Stardust Voyage Memorial

Price Starts at S$500.00 

Stardust Voyage is a unique way of honoring the life of someone you love.

Specially designed space burial spacecraft containing a departed's ashes or a symbolic portion orbit the Earth for several months to years and eventually falling back to earth as stardust.


" I like the idea that we are born of stardust and like stardust, will fall back to Earth" - Astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy

Stardust Voyage Includes :

  • Collection And Launch Of Departed's Remains Into Space

  • Printing Of Departed's Initial Onto Capsule


  • Invitation To Launch Site Viewing

  • Professionally Filmed Video Of The Launch

  • Certification Attesting The Completion Of Stardust Voyage Memorial

Upcoming scheduled flight is projected for launch in the fourth quarter of 2020 and reservations is expected to be closed by end of October 2020

Numbers of participants is limited by the spacecraft capacity and reservations will be based on first come first serve basis. We strongly advise booking of memorial flights as early as possible as the integration of spacecraft onto launch vehicle is performed several months in advance.

*Reservations is guaranteed after you complete your order.*

How It Works?

Our Stardust Voyage would be onboard the rocket Dorado by Equatorial Space Service. Your valuable loved one's cremains would be dispersed at the peak of the spaceflight and would remain in sub-orbit for months to years while gradually falling back into Earth's atmosphere as stardust.

Empyrean kit to be mailed to you

Inclusive of pre-paid label and instruction sheet

After reservation is done for our services, you can expect to receive a Empyrean kit in the mail within 30 days (For overseas clients)

Kit includes -

  • Customized Ash Capsule With Personalized Initial Engraving

  • Mini- Scoop

  • Instruction Sheet

Mailing back to Empyrean 

Simply bring package to your local post office

Once you have transferred a symbolic portion of remains into capsule. 

  • Transfer of symbolic portion of remains - Kindly engage a funeral director for assistance if you feel uncomfortable doing it.​                                                                                                       

  • Filling up pre-requisite form - Engraved messaged for your love one (150 characters - To be shown on dedicated online memorial site)                                                                                               

  • Attendance to Launch event

Mounting of capsule onto spacecraft

You'll receive a e-mail again from us for proof of documentation

After receiving Empyrean kit back from you. Empyrean team would carefully and respectfully place your capsule in a specific dedicated spacecraft module. Processes would be documented and pictured. 

Upon completion of mounting, we will write to you via E-mail with a copy of documentation and pictures.

Launch event

Reminder alert / updates

You will be formally invited to join us on the launch day to commemorate this special day. 

Alternatively for those who are unable to join us on the launch site, you can now view the launch via our dedicated platform.

Snacks and beverages would be provided on the launch viewing site

Launch of spacecraft

A tribunal will be available on site before take-off

Our upcoming flight will be launch at the end of Q4 2020  (Location to be confirmed and subjected to changes due to current COVID-19 pandemic crisis).

After the successful launch of the spacecraft you will be receive the following 

  • Certification of successful launch                                                                                

  • Professional produced video of launch

Satellite Tracking & Online Memorial

Online dedicated platform provided

A separate dedicated web-link will be provided after a successful launch so families and friends alike are able to continue paying respect for their love ones.

What to expect if you're from overseas?

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