Space Burial featured on Singapore Chinese Newspaper ! Lianhe WanBao

Space burial is a new way to commemorate loved ones by sending their cremated remains into space. The rarity of how one person may be involved in a rocket in their lifetime is close to none; We're confident in the time to come, we'll be able to create a significant remembrance for bereaved families.

We're proud to announce that we've appointed a well established funeral home in Singapore as our appointed authorized service provider - Singapore Funeral Services, as known as "SFS". We would also to extend a big thank you to SFS for believing in our vision and cause.

For those who are unable to read Chinese, here is the interviewed questions and response :

When was this company set up? How and when did the idea come about -

[ The company Empyrean Spaceflight Memorial Pte.Ltd was incorporated on 09/04/2020

The idea came up while I was having a conversation which took place in the late of 2018 with a friend of mine whom I got to know through national service (NS). He shared his dream of wanting to go into space but said it will be nearly impossible to do so in his lifetime due to the cost and inaccessibility. ]

Quote from the CEO & founder “We’re honoured to be Asia’s first space burial platform, dreams can now be made a reality in honour of their loved ones.”

“We felt that this is the right time to start offering our services due to COVID-19 which resulted in the many limitations a bereaved family may face hence unable to find proper closure during this difficult time. Space burial allows bereaved families to plan ahead before the launch of spacecraft to grief and celebrate their loved one’s life

“Personally the idea is very compelling to myself as the Heavens has always been associated with the limitless sky above, hence the company name “Empyrean” which means the highest Heaven. It also creates a everlasting remembrance due to the rarity of how one person may get to be involved with a commercialized rocket through their lifetime”

Understanding that this involves a rocket and hence quite a bit of resources, is it expensive to request for this service? How is the pricing like?

[ Generally, rockets have always been expensive due to the nature of it. Thus we would only place a symbolic portion (100g) of the cremated ashes into a personalised capsule as secondary payload for the price of $3500. However we also do accommodate towards special request such as small personal item in the case of missing person pronounced as dead or religious beliefs ]

Is this approved by NEA? Which other partners are involved? Since the cremated remains are launched by commercialized rockets, what are these commercialized rockets?

[ As Singapore does not have its own launch-site, we will be launching it from overseas thus NEA’s approval is not required. We’re now partnered with Equatorial Space Industries and our Stardust Voyage will be onboard their Dorado rocket. We’re currently exploring further spaceflight missions such as Moon Burial (Lunar Impactor) on their Volans rocket. We are also honoured to announce Singapore Funeral Services as known as SFS as our appointed authorized service provider of our services to their clients.]

Is this service currently operating and has anyone called in to request for this service?

[ We’re now operating but not expecting results soon as this service is relatively new. However, we’re glad to say that people are more acceptable in terms of digitalized service nowadays especially during this period. Due to COVID-19 Stay Home Notice and circuit breaker, we have seen people during Qing Ming Jie paying respect to ancestors or loved ones via online media or partake in funeral wakes through streaming media. This goes to show that as long you have the heart and mind to do so, it will work.]

How do we ensure that the cremated remains are definitely launched into space?(will there be any video, or will the family members be able to watch the process?)

[ Family members would first witness the transfer of cremated remains into a personalized capsule, thereafter our staff would mount the capsule containing remains onto our spacecraft which will be documented and shown to family members. Bereaved family members would be updated regularly and an invitation would be sent out for them to join us overseas on the launch-site to view the launch personally; once a venue and date has been decided. If they are unable to attend, they will still be able to watch it live via our social media. Unlike traditional funeral wake that ends quickly , our services enable families time to plan and come together as a whole to commemorate the life of their loved ones in comfort hence a proper closure.]

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