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When is the next launch?

The launch date for our next Stardust Voyage mission, the SDV01, is Q3 2020 -- Reservations are scheduled to close June 30, 2020.

Are friends and families permitted to view the launch?

Yes. Empyrean Space issue invitations of launch as part of a special private viewing. Read More

Why launch only a symbolic portion of cremated remains?

Options are available upon request, however it is subjected to availability and price vary by weight. Read More

Storage of flight samples

The process is simple and completed with the utmost respect and care. Read more

For the Stardust Voyage Service how long will the cremated remains stay in Earth's orbit?

The length of orbital stay depends on the final altitude of the primary satellite launched on the mission. Read More

Space launches are challenging. What if the mission does not succeed?

In the event the initial mission is not successful, you have the option for a priority re-flight, at no additional cost, on the next scheduled launch of the same service type. Read More

Can customers outside of Asia use the service?

Yes, we accept customers worldwide. However we encourage any business outside of Asia to be made 60 days in advance.

I want to be certain that my wishes are carried out. Can I plan my service in advance?

Yes, you may select our Pre-Planning Programs which offer you the opportunity to make an advance reservation. 

Can I track the Transcedent Earth-orbiting spacecraft?

Yes. Using our website you can view the location of any of the Earth-orbiting Empyrean Space memorial spacecraft in real time.  

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