Space Burial In Asia

Empyrean Spaceflight Memorial is a unique partnership between space and funeral experts with the same beliefs that remembrance of departed ones should not always be grief but a celebration of one's honor, dignity and life.

Empyrean Spaceflight Memorial is name after the word "Empyrean"; in view that departed ones will truly transcend to the highest heaven.  

Statements from Darren Ho, CEO and founder of Empyrean Space:

" What are the chances you'll have a personal involvement with a commercial rocket in your life-time? Close to none for many of us. By introducing Space burial platform, we offer the unique chance for individuals to send their loved one's remains into orbit and watch a actual rocket take-off either live in person or online steaming. We're confident such unique opportunity will bound to create an everlasting remembrance.".


  • To be Asia's first and leading spaceflight memorial service provider.

  • Alternative burial services to solve the increasing land scarcity globally.

  • Fulfilling any unfulfilled wishes of departed ones who wish to travel into space and around the globe.

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