Space Burial

Asia First Spaceflight Memorial Service

Land scarcity has in recent years made traditional burial less affordable. Price for a plot of land ranges up to hundreds thousands of dollars depending on where you reside.


As an alternative Empyrean Spaceflight Memorial, align with our mission dedicated itself by exploring new trends to meet global market's growing demands and expectations while keeping cost affordable. 

Spaceflight Memorial Services

Stardust Voyage

Stardust Voyage delivers your loved one's cremains to Earth's orbit, only to end this unique journey as stardust falling back to Earth



Lunar Impactor

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Horizon Voyage

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How does Empyrean Space provide such affordable rates compared to its competitors?


Our prospective launch sites in proximity to Singapore will allow convenient access.


Furthermore, future projects that venture deeper into space (I.E) Lunar, deep space would be improve significantly due to our strategic geography located on the Earth's equator 

Hybrid Fuel

Our partner over at Equatorial Space Industries uses hybrid fuel  which eliminates risks associated to manufacturing, operating and transportation , thus improving reliability and lower cost in the making. The combination of solid rocket style combustion chamber and only one fluid system reduces complexity which also helps reducing cost 

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